Five tips for a successful Cake Smash session

Five tips for a successful Cake Smash session. Tips to nail your Smash the Cake. Cinq conseils pour une séance photo Cake Smash réussie. Conseils pour réussir son Smash the Cake. Séance photo de premier anniversaire Cake Smash. Photographe Smash the Cake en studio à Montréal. Photographe Cake Smash Montréal | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montréal, Québec |

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What’s better than letting your baby discover a delicious cake for their first birthday? There are definitely worst ways to celebrate this milestone! However, « Smash the Cake » photos don’t always go as planned. In order to help you, here are five tips for a successful Cake Smash session.

Try it before the session

Most of the time, children get to taste cake for the first time during the session since it takes place before their actual birthday. With the stress caused by being in a new environment and meeting the photographer, discovering this dessert might be stressful for some little ones! The best is to initiate them to this new food a few days before the session. There is no need to use a large cake, a cupcake is enough! This will allow them to experiment with the texture and taste in a positive context, which should make the Cake Smash more enjoyable as well.

Pick the right cake

If you want to go the easy way, the best solution is to buy your cake from an experienced bakery. The vast majority of them offer cakes created for « Smash the Cake » sessions. They are generally 6″ circular cakes with one or two layers. The flavour will be simple while the outside will be nicely decorated with butter cream. It normally costs around 20$. Make sure you don’t pick fondant to cover it. It’s simply too thick for children’s small hands! You can also create a moodboard and show it to the baker to make sure you’re on the same wave length regarding the theme and colours.

If you feel skilled enough, you can bake your own cake. However, it’s highly recommended to use a homemade butter cream instead of store bought icing for nicer results. Lastly, it doesn’t have to involve a cake! Don’t hesitate to be creative. We can do a first birthday session with water melons, donuts, pancakes or even spaghetti!

Have a plan B

Despite everything, some children don’t enjoy sugar as much as others. The Cake Smash might not last long with them. Think about bringing snacks they like, such as crackers or small pieces of fruit. We can hide them in the cake icing to incite them to taste it. Similarly, a small toy, such as a car or a figurine, can work just as well. You can also create a playlist with your child’s favourite songs. We will play it during the session to keep him/her happy. It works almost every time!

Be ready for the mess

Not only will your child get dirty, but so will you! Most little ones end up walking around the studio with their body full of icing. You will need to bring them back in the setup to continue the session, which can soil your clothes at the same time. You might want to wear an old t-shirt and a dark pair of pants because food colouring will stain them forever!

Expect all sorts of emotions!

Very often, Smash the Cake sessions make children go through a roller coaster of emotions. They can be serious, roar with laughter, be completely uninterested and cry their eyes out, all during the same hour. We will do our very best to get genuine smiles, but don’t be surprised if he/she looks serious or ends up crying for no reason a few times 😉


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