Seven tips to nail your boudoir session

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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! If you would like to offer a memorable gift to your partner, you can’t go wrong with personalized boudoir photos showing off your best assets! Before posing in front of the camera, read these seven tips to nail your boudoir session.

1. Research your style and photographer

Just like everything else, there are boudoir photographers for every taste! Spend time researching the style you want to create in order to determine your needs. Do you prefer sexy pin-up photos or soft and natural photos?

Once your preference is determined, you can start looking for your photographer. Look at their website in order to view different sessions in they created in the past months. If you like natural, feminine and tasteful photos, I’m the right photographer for you!

2. Book in advance

Several women book their boudoir session to offer the pictures to their lover. Most of the time, they will be given at a specific date, whether it is on their birthday or on their wedding day. Booking your session in advance is very important in order to receive them on time!

If you only want to print the photos, the session should take place at least four weeks before the date you intend to give them. For instance, if you get married on August 15th, the session should be done by July 15th at the latest. However, if you want to create a custom album with the photos, you have to calculate twice as long since the company’s turn around time has to be taken in consideration as well.

3. Try on your clothes and practice before the session

Everyone knows it, the human body has the tendency to change over time! The lingerie you purchased five years ago might not fit you correctly anymore. Take some time to try on your clothes before the session to make sure they’re still comfortable and all in good condition.

Furthermore, take advantage of this moment to practice your poses and find your best angles. The easiest way is to do it in front of a mirror, but you can also ask for your partner’s opinion to see what they like. Alongside, if you don’t like something about your body, make sure you let me know before our session. This way, I will make sure to put the emphasis on your best assets and you will be more at ease to pose in front of the camera.

4. Bring many options

The best is to bring many clothing options. For instance, an oversized knitted sweater, a floral silk robe, a shirt belonging to your lover, a lace bodysuit and coordinated lingerie sets. The more choices we have, the more concepts we can try!

When it comes to panties, it’s better to avoid thongs and tangas and favour Brazilian, bikini, boyfriend and high-waisted cuts. Also, neutral colours, like white, black and pink, are timeless and photograph better than highly pigmented colours.

5. Get pampered

Boudoir sessions don’t happen every day, so make the most of it! Take your beauty appointments, such as hair dying and hair removal, a few days before the session. Traces of hair dye will be gone from your scalp after a few washes, same for swelling and redness due to hair removal.

If you want to work with your own hair and make up artist(s), or if you want to create your own hairdo and make up, they should be done right before the session. Don’t do them too early during the day because they could be ruined while eating or doing your errands. Plus, make sure you have make up on hand if you need to do touch-ups during the session.

Even though it’s tempting, avoid fake tan. It gives a very orange tint to the skin, no matter which technique was used. Consequently, the result can be very disappointing. Moisturize your skin with a daily lotion in the week leading to the session and it will look much better this way!

6. Stay hydrated and eat well

In the same vein, your body and mind should be at their best. On average, an adult woman should ingest 2.7 litres of liquid per day, even more during summer. Make sure you stay well hydrated in the days preceding your session. You will feel much better and posing in front of the camera will be easier.

Also, don’t forget to eat well. Nobody feels great with an empty stomach and this could greatly affect the photos.

6. Wear loose clothes before our appointment

The last but not the least: wear loose clothes before our appointment. Underwire bras, panties with elastic bands and skinny jeans will all leave lines on your skin that will take a while to disappear. After spending so much time preparing for your boudoir session, it would be a shame to see them on the photos!

Choose a top that can easily be removed, whether it is with buttons or a zipper. This way, you will avoid ruining your hairdo and make up when removing it.


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